“We have a very happy, healthy and less stressed pup”

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image2“My young cocker spaniel has been on your Calm and Relaxed dog food now for a few months after struggling with separation anxiety. We have noticed a big reduction in her stress levels since being on this food and even things like her coat is now wonderful and shiny (except when she’s given herself a festering mud bath)!

We love that we know exactly what goes into her food, how ethical it is and honestly how much she loves it!! She was never overly fussy on her old food, despite it being a ‘leading brand’ and recommended by vets etc, however our own research led us to swap her food to something a lot better for her and thankfully we came across your brand.

We have a very happy, healthy and less stressed pup which in turn leads to happier owners. I have recommended you to friends and colleagues and know they’ll love you too, just as much as Nell does :)”

-Vicky Andrews

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