“Our dog had solid stools for the first time in 3 months!”

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“Our golden retriever was diagnosed with IBD in September, after extensive tests and procedures. He was put on prescriptive tinned and dried foods, prednisone, Imodium, codeine you name we tried it as he was wasting away in front of us.

I came across good reviews on Bionic Biotic and placed an order,-after building our hopes up on so many ‘cures’ I couldn’t believe after two days we had an improvement!!! Unbelievably our dog had solid stools for the first time in 3 months and was going considerably less!


He is continuing to improve albeit it will take time to get him back to the big strapping boy he was, but his coat is better, he is brighter, obviously feels better and is putting weight back on now he has the nourishment he has been deprived of for so long. To anyone else experiencing this horrible illness with their dogs -this product is certainly worth trying.”

-Mairi Hunter