Limited Number of Damaged 10kg bags: HALF PRICE!

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Did you know Pooch & Mutt is based in Clapham? We have an unmissable discount on our 10kg bags of food for you if you can collect from our offices in Clapham Old Town. We have 10kg bags of food with damaged packaging available for just £29! Available in Slim & Slender, Move Easy, Health & Digestion and Calm & Relaxed!

Usually £57.99, these half price bags have the exact same nutritional and active ingredients, just with a couple of tears on the packaging. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

If you’re able to collect from 2 Scout Lane, Clapham Old Town, London, SW2 0LA, what are you waiting for! Email to arrange a pickup time. Please note, the bags may be slightly less than 10kg due to damage.

10kg bags of Pooch & Mutt just £29!


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