‘Move Easy’ Keeps Mara the Labrador’s Joints Supple!

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Mara“Like every pet parent I want my princess Mara to have the best start in life. Mara’s a chocolate labrador, and as labradors are prone to joint problems, she gets “Move Easy” from Pooch & Mutt as a preventative measure and because she absolutely loves her Pooch & Mutt.

As a puppy, Mara is very active and likes to play with other dogs, she also has a tail wag that looks like she’s about to take off so “Move Easy” helps keep those joints supple.

Mara loves the salmon taste and it seems to give her a positive glow as we’re often told how shiny her coat is and how healthy she looks. “Move Easy” is not only great for her main meals but we often take a handful out when we go for a walk so she can have a treat while we are out and the look in her eyes when she sees me put my hand in my pocket tells me I’m doing the right thing for her.”

Brian Slack

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