Taylor is now 100% healthy with two lovely strong back legs on Mobile Bones

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“I hardly ever review anything unless it’s really impressed me and I thought you guys deserve a huge thank you. Back in September, my beagle puppy suffered a rather severe fall from a first floor landing to a ground floor then down some stairs even further. After an anxious visit to the vets as she was limping rather badly, the x rays showed that not only was her injured leg needing surgery for a ***, she had a bad case of bone *** in the other back leg too.


This was more concerning to the vet because in essence the bone was dying. There was talk of taking out the bone and replacing it with an artificial one, and even talk of *** if the worst came to the worst! He advised rest and supplements to see if the bone would heal itself and get stronger, as there was a small chance, but he wasn’t convinced.


The *** injury meant 100% she would need surgery.  I came home and researched supplements and found your Mobile Bones supplement powder had everything, so I didn’t need to buy separate tablets for the bone issue and other ones for the joint issue. My pup (full name: Taylor Swift Baxter) loves your treats so I didn’t feel I could go wrong. Turns out she loves it sprinkled on her raw food, and I didn’t have to worry about feeding her tablets that she would refuse to swallow.


We visited the vets 3 weeks later for a check up x ray to see how the bones were doing and for her to have her *** surgery done. Imagine my shock when the vet rang me not 3 hours later to say she didn’t need surgery of any kind because the bone was much denser now and on track for a full recovery, and the ligament has somehow gotten stronger and didn’t require surgery, so whatever we were doing to keep on doing it. The only thing we did differently was rest her (haha, ever tried to rest a beagle?) and Pooch & Mutt Mobile Bones supplement.


Now I’m not saying your Mobile Bones supplement is a miracle worker (or maybe I am) but what I can say is that since giving it to Taylor she has made a full recovery, no surgery and is 100% healthy with two lovely strong back legs! Let me tell you, for a pregnant lady, hearing your puppy doesn’t need to have 2 surgeries is without doubt the greatest thing in the world! We still give it to her every day and I don’t think we will ever stop. So please don’t stop making Mobile Bones supplement powder! I don’t know what I’d do without it!

Katie Baxter

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