Boots & Sprockett love Bionic Biotic and Mobile Bones supplements

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“Both Boots and Sprocket are rescue puppies, and have benefited from Pooch & Mutt products.

Boots came from rescue with what seemed like a permanently upset stomach РI put him on Bionic Biotic and this was resolved within a matter of months.

Sprocket (black and white) is coming up to 11 but still thinks she’s 2 and benefits from Mobile Bones daily with the addition of Salmon oil.

On her last vet visit she was complimented not only on her coat condition but also the fact that she is fighting fit with the body of a 3 year old.

I am a great believer that the key to continued good health is the result of top nutrition.

A big thank you and lots of wags from me and my furry family.”

Karen Grave

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