Calm & Relaxed helps settle Gizmo’s hyperactivity

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Gizmo - Calm & Relaxed Food review“This is my beautiful Cairn Terrier Gizmo, or ‘Giddy Gizmo’ as she is known to all her friends!

As the nick name suggests she is full of beans and gets over excited at the drop of a hat (sometimes literally).

We started with the Calm and Relaxed treats which really helped, especially when we have to nip out and Gizmo is home alone.

I ordered a sample of the matching Calm & Relaxed food and Gizmo was in doggy heaven. Persuading my husband to switch from a well known cheaper brand was difficult at first, but I pointed out that we only needed to feed Giz a third of the quantity of Calm & Relaxed to meet her daily needs; so when you work it out meal for meal not only is it much healthier and tailored to her hyperactive needs it is also much better value leaving us extra pocket money to treat Gizmo, of which she is a big fan!

I think it is fantastic that it is made from all good stuff, and though Gizmo would hate me saying this, it has definitely helped with her digestion as she used to suffer the most awful room-clearing wind, whereas now she is fresh as a daisy!

Thanks for producing your wonderful ranges!”

– Gizmo and Janice Lloyd


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