Health & Digestion helps reduce Lewie’s scratching and his poops are good!

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Health & Digestion food Review - Lewie“Hello, this is Lewie. He was diagnosed with numerous food allergies and a couple of environmental ones at the age of 9 months.

He’s now just over 2 years old. It’s been a very stressful time, seeing him scratch so much and pull his fur out and I’ve spent so much money trying to find a food that doesn’t make him itch.

I’ve tried all types of supplements, cider Apple vinegar, evening primrose oil (Bionic Biotic as well but he’s allergic to maize) and the vet has put him on medication for the rest of his life to try to calm the itching and continual anal gland problems.

I’ve tried top quality kibble, wet and even ventured into a raw diet to try to find some food that suited him but with limited luck…that was until I put him on your Health & Digestion food. He’s been on it about 1 month now and he hardly scratches. If he does, it tends to be more like “I’ve got a slight itch” scratch rather than “let me scratch my skin off” scratch. He no longer rubs at his gums with his paws all the time which made him lose his fur around his mouth.

His poops are good and I’m hoping in time that this will solve the glands issue. As an aside, he’s also stopped eating mud (still eats stones given half a chance but he is a spaniel after all!)
I’ve stopped the supplements and in time will try to see if he still needs the medication.

I guess after all the rambling above, I just wanted to say thanks. I don’t know what it is in the food that agrees with him as I’ve tried other foods that, on paper should be ok, but they’re not and I finally feel as if there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I know it’s still early days but if the food keeps agreeing with him then it means the stressful time he has been through since he was little might finally be over (or at least controlled) so he can lead a happy and normal life.”

Justine V


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