What happened backstage on Christmas’s biggest ad

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What really happened backstage at the shooting of this Christmas’s biggest ad.

Find out the truth behind the controversy.

Who was the biggest diva.

What really happened during the filming of the trampoline scene.

Christmas ad campaigns are big business, with all the big retailers and big brands fighting it out to make the best ad to get the public’s attention. We have had penguins, action-star Mrs Christmasses, men on the moon, soldiers playing football…. And many more.

This year was the year of the dog. The year of the boxer dog. However things are not always as they seem. Sometimes we only get to see the gloss at the end, and not what happens behind the scenes. This time it’s different.

Our ‘Reveal-all’ documentary takes a look at what really goes into making a great Christmas commercial and what really happens behind the smoke and mirrors.

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