Can you help my dog with allergies?

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Customer Question: My dog suffers from food allergies,  I’m not sure what but think it’s wheat and cereals and dairy,  his skin comes out in scabs and goes red which irritates him. I’ve tried him on dry food with no grains no soya , no wheat, no gluten, but the dry food gives him really strong urine which turns into an infection,  I then tried him on Forthglade wet which has helped with his allergy so much but is now giving him severe constipation, I’m at a loss at what to give him. I’ve tried adding green beans to his food which helps a little bit wondered if you do anything or recommend anything. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Kelly

Pooch & Mutt’s response:

We began as a supplement brand for dogs our Bionic Biotic has such excellent results that we even offer money back if symptoms are not improved.
Our food has been made with the same philosophy – to produce food for dogs that’s not only junk-free but actually has functional and active ingredients to support dog’s health.
I would recommend our Health & Digestion as it’s Salmon based which we recommend for dogs with sensitive digestion. In addition, it is full of omega 3. It also full of prebiotics and probiotics to maintain your dog’s healthy gut flora.
The Bionic Biotic comes in a powder form and can be sprinkled over your existing food. Please visit our online store for the Bionic Biotic feeding guidelines.
Kind regards,
Pooch & Mutt