Are any of your foods suitable for a hyperactive dog?

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Customer Question: We are having some trouble with one of our dogs, she is extremely hyperactive and difficult, she is like a child with ADHD – her brain is on the go 24/7 and she can’t relax at all. Grain seems to really effect her mental state so grain-free is the best bet. I’ve come across your food Calm & Relaxed and wondered if you think it would help? She is a 26kg Rottweiler, 2 years old, recently spayed. She has an issue with her urine, she has too much protein in it and it is crystallising, so she either has to be on specialist food or have something called Methigel put on her food to bring the acidity of her urine up so would it be ok to put with this? She is currently on the specialist food (Hills) and if anything it has made matters worse. Thank you in advance, Susan.


Pooch & Mutt’s response:

Thanks for your enquiry. Calm & Relaxed is the bestseller from our range, you can read our independent reviews here. You can find the nutritional analysis on the page, you may find it useful to make this along to your Vet in your next consultancy to check if our foods will be suitable for your dogs condition.

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