Pooch & Mutt launch an Online Nutrition Consultation

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Pooch & Mutt have launched a unique service which can recommend healthy food options food for dogs based on their lifestyle needs.

The Online Nutrition Consultation is a free online service allows users to input their dogs details in order to receive a tailored feeding plan, alongside product details and exclusive offers.

Pooch & Mutt currently have over 70,000 Facebook followers, the largest of any independent pet food brand. As more owners are adopting the ‘all-natural’ approach to feeding, the demand for information on ingredients, their function and feeding suitability has significantly increased.

Founder of Pooch & Mutt Guy Blaskey said: “More dog owners have become aware of the negative side effects associated with lower priced pet food products containing fillers such as corn. Now we are seeing more owners switching diets which is great news for the health of our dogs. However, I believe there is still some confusion amongst owners about what exactly to feed their dogs. We are hoping that addition of our Nutritional Consultation will make choosing a high quality food, appropriate to the needs of individual dogs easier.”

All of the Pooch & Mutt Grain-Free range is made up of a 45% single protein source, sweet potato and ‘built-in’ supplements. The active ingredients work to clearly target current health concerns in the UK dog population such bad breath, weight management and excitable behaviour.