Pooch & Mutt’s Aggressive Marketing Campaign Goes Viral

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Pooch & Mutt is the June 2017 cover on Pet Business World Magazine after creating a viral campaign.

The original magazine for the Pet Industry covered our newest viral campaign in what they say has been an “aggressive” stance against junk-filled pet foods. In their feature ‘It’s dog eat dog’, Pooch & Mutt’s newest Marketing campaign is highlighted industry wide. Reaching 7k views monthly, the digitally led formatted launch for Tasty Turkey, Perfect Pork and Duck Delight included education series more aligned with product launches in human food brands.

Pooch & Mutt’s founder Guy Blaskey has said: “There are far too many pet food companies out there claiming their products are better or healthier than other products, but they don’t say who their products are and why they are better. We are open about what goes into our products so that consumers can compare. People need to be able to make more informed decisions when it comes to their pet’s health.”

The new range of Pooch & Mutt’s healthier alternative chews are made in Ireland and come in three flavours: Tasty Turkey, Duck Delight and Perfect Pork. The trio are available from Waitrose and are priced at £1.99.

For more information visit http://www.petbusinessworld.co.uk/