The Guardian Feature Pooch & Mutt’s Junk-Free Range

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“British pet owners are no longer content to chuck the occasional dog biscuit in the general direction of their mutt”



Pooch & Mutt’s Junk-Free food range has been featured by The Guardian as part of their newest pet care feature. Over recent years, pet owners have become increasingly aware of what goes into their pet food. This trend has been mirrored by an increase of spending amongst pet owners, with American Express stating this figure to be £10.6bn annually in dog owners alone. Demand is booming, and so is the necessity for transparency on the supermarket shelves. Recent campaigns by Pooch & Mutt have attempted to bring honesty to the industry with Junk-Free recipes and recognisable ingredients.

Health Food For Dogs by Pooch & Mutt now includes a range of Grain-Free and Free-From foods alongside treats and chews. From beginnings with foundations in Health and wellbeing, our supplements were eventually reformulated to give a dietary solution to the top welfare concerns in the UK dog population. Each variety contains active ingredients that tackle oral hygiene, weight management,  joint mobility and excitable behaviour.

With clout in our challenger status, The Guardian sat down to chat with our Founder Guy Blaskey about the current state of the Industry. Guy said, “we take the junk out and put beneficial ingredients in because we know that increasingly customers value quality over price”. To find out more on our Junk-Free ranges, please visit our Online Store.


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