Pooch & Mutt founder Guy Blaskey talks online advertising with The Telegraph

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Pooch & Mutt founder Guy Blaskey talks online advertising tips for SMEs.

Within a small to medium sized business, focusing and fine-tuning online strategy is key in converting web adverts to sales.

Facebook advertisements are a popular option for online advertising and an excellent tool when used well, although some businesses are left disappointed when casting their net too wide. Being broad when targeting audiences will generate a boost in traffic, but will not necessarily convert well into sales. Jo Lambell, founder of florist Beards & Daisies fell into this trap and was “amazed by how easy it was to blow thousands of pounds and see so few sales in return.”

For indispensable marketing advice for SMEs, Pooch & Mutt’s Guy Blaskey recommends looking at advertising expert Gary Vaynerchuk’s website and media strategist Ryan Holiday’s online blog.

Pooch & Mutt’s Christmas 2016 campaign featured an online video parodying the John Lewis Christmas advert. The video was posted to Facebook and Youtube and received one million views during the lead up to Christmas. It’s popularity  led to a six-time sale increase in Tesco stores. Blaskey puts the success of the campaign down to seeking inspiration from other sectors; “I see who’s doing advertising best elsewhere, then replicate it in a way that suits us.”

With Google Adwords and Facebook, Pooch & Mutt’s current campaigns are seeing a return of  £25 for every £5 invested. The recent addition of  Amazon’s keywords has also been another success for the company.

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