The Pet Food Revolution: Pooch & Mutt Re-Attain Ethical Accreditation

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One of the UK’s fastest growing pet companies Pooch & Mutt have been re-awarded ethical accreditation. Alongside accreditation from PETA, the company has again successfully passed The Good Shopping Guide’s annual independent audit.

The decision process takes up to two months and researches over 40,000 public records including boycott calls, environmental reports, criticisms from NGOs and court reports.

Designed to support the reputation and sales of ethical companies, accreditation clearly shows that the Ethical Company Organisation independently endorse Pooch & Mutt.

Founder Guy Blaskey said: “Our products are high quality and deliver what they say they will. This has led to a good reputation and it’s a key reason people love our brand.”

Founded in 2008, Pooch & Mutt is known in the pet world as the UK’s leading ethical dog food brand. As the largest independent pet food company on social sites Facebook and Instagram, the company has won countless awards including Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year, Gold at the European Design Awards, and The Times Ready Business Britain. Rapid growth since its 2008 launch now sees Pooch & Mutt available worldwide with exports inlujding France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Singapore, New Zeland, Dubai and India.

Unlike other well-known pet food brands that base their products on vague grouping such as breed or size, Pooch & Mutt foods are specific to health. The range comprises of grain-free and wheat-free foods with natural ingredients tailored to help with a variety of health problems common to dogs. We know that for humans, ‘food is fuel for life’ and Pooch & Mutt believe the same should be true for dogs. By comparison, big corporations cannot offer this high and trusted quality of food that pets deserve.