3 Fun Ways To Get Your Dog Moving

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Walks are a part of any dog owner’s daily routine. It’s important for your pooch to get regular exercise for their general well-being, but also because they love to be active! With such active lifestyles, joint care is a topic of consideration for many dog owners.


Adding Mobile Bones to your dog’s diet can promote mobility and joint health, aid stiff joints, and joint comfort and encourage bone strength. The natural supplement contains 16 active ingredients designed to contribute to the healthy functioning of the joints.

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Daily walks aside, sometimes it can be fun to try something different. Here’s 3 fun activities to try with your dog.

  1. Dog Yoga

Yes, you read it right. Dog yoga, or ‘Doga’, is still a relatively new concept, but the exercise can have health benefits for you and your pooch, while being a fun bonding activity.

If you’ve never tried yoga before but been interested, Doga is a great, fun way to try it out. While your pooch would probably excel with the yoga stretch known as ‘downwards facing dog’, generally, the class doesn’t use human yoga moves on dogs – they are incorporated into human yoga positions, which involves focused, deep breathing and has a relaxing, soothing effect on your pooch’s central nervous system.


  • Doga gives you the chance to bond with your pooch, while also providing an opportunity for socialising with the dogs in your class.
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety in you and your dog.
  1. Swimming Class

While Hydrotherapy is often used to aid post-surgery recovery, or dogs recovering from traumatic injury, it’s another fun way to exercise your dog with a range of health benefits. A doggy swimming session can help improve muscle tone, cardiovascular stamina, and improve the range of movement in the joints. If your pooch is a little on the heavier side, hydrotherapy is especially useful for addressing obesity.


  • Contribute to muscle strength & maintenance
  • Increase the range of motion in the joints
  • Improve circulation and cardiovascular fitness
  1. Household Fun

If you want to try something fun and new from the comfort of your own home, why not set up some fun activities in your garden, or inside if you have the space. The NERF Dog Tennis Ball Blaster is a great toy if you have a large garden. Alternatively, you can use household objects such as empty drawers, buckets, and pillows to set up your own obstacle course. If you’d rather buy the props, there are agility kits available online. Obstacle courses are not only fun for your pooch, but a great way to encourage their obedience. If you want to take the obstacle course to the next level, why not join in with your dog. Check out Battersea Dog & Cats Home’s Muddy dog Challenge – the UK’s first obstacle course where you can compete with your dog. The last event of the year is in September, but don’t worry, that just means you’ve got more time to train for the next one! You can register your interest in next year’s Muddy Dog Challenge here.


  • Bonding with your dog
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Encourages obedience
  • Fun!

Whatever way you choose to get your dog moving, we’re sure you’ll both enjoy it.