Celebrate National Dog Day With Your Pooch

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August 28th marks the final bank holiday of 2017 – and what better way to enjoy the long weekend than celebrating National Dog Day on the 26th with your pooch.  Here’s some fun ways you can enjoy the long weekend with your dog.

  1. New Adventures

There’s nothing dogs love more than a nice long walk. Well, most dogs:

    Instead of your usual route, why not treat your pooch to an extra-long walk or venture to unexplored territory. It’s a great way to introduce your dog to new sounds, sights, and smells. The National Trust offer a variety of places perfect for dog walking. From coastal, countryside and urban areas, there’s a location for everyone.

    With National Dog Day falling on a bank holiday weekend, there are lots of events to visit if you want to make a day out of adventuring with your dog. It’s worth looking out for any in your area, or making use of sites such as The Good Dog Guide for listings of local events.

    1. Dog-Day Treats

    Treating your dog to a new toy can be fun for both of you, especially if the gift goes down well. Kong has a range of long-lasting, multipurpose toys that roll and bounce in unexpected directions, keeping your dog entertained for hours – especially since you can fill your Kong with dog treats. Our Tube Treats are the perfect size for a Kong, grab a pack in your dog’s favourite flavour and you’re all set. For the ultimate treat challenge, you could try adding a dog-friendly human food such as natural low-fat yogurt or peanut butter into the mix and freezing the treat stuffed Kong before giving it to your pooch!

    For a more indulgent gift, you could splash out on a doggy Pool. Pop it up in the garden and let your dog lap up the last of the summer on National Dog Day, use it for bath time throughout the year. Create an aqua ball pit for your pooch by adding some plastic balls – bath time has never been so much fun.

    1. Doggy Donation

    A bank holiday can be a great time to have a clear out at home. Consider rounding up your old dog blankets, beds, toys, and accessories and donating them to an animal shelter. Websites such as Support Adoption For Pets will often allow you to search for shelters in your area, so you can get in touch beforehand and find out what kind of donations they would appreciate.

    1. New Tricks

    Teaching your dog a new trick is a great way to let them win your praise and affection. After all, dogs love to please their owners! If your dog is still mastering basic commands such as “sit”, “lie down” and “paw”, you might want to focus on these before moving on to more advanced tricks. There are lots of helpful video tutorials online, ranging from basic to advanced tricks. Our Brain & Train Tube Treats include Ginkgo biloba, which is traditionally used as a memory and concentration aid an Coconut oil – a source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are converted into ketones and act as an energy source for the brain.

    1. Pamper Your Pooch

    If you want to treat your dog but are looking for a less energetic way to spend the day, why not give your pooch a pamper. For the ultimate pampering, you might want to send them to  a professional groomer for the day. Otherwise opt for DIY bath time at home, followed by a gentle brushing. Choose a shampoo that conditions the coat and encourage the skin’s moisture. Some of the following ingredients are helpful and can be found in many natural products:

    Honey – naturally antibacterial
    Vitamin E – prevents and repairs skin damage
    Peppermint – naturally cooling and calming
    Aloe Vera – naturally soothing and healing

    For more tips on encouraging a silky coat for your dog, click here.

    However you celebrate National Dog Day, we hope you and your pooch enjoy the long weekend!