Pooch & Mutt Donate Over 9,000 Meals To Charity

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As part of Pooch & Mutt’s mission to help all dogs lead happy, healthy lives, the company has recently donated over 9,000 meals of their complete, grain-free food to a host of UK charities.

Commenting on the generous donations, founder Guy Blaskey says; “We’re a relatively small company compared to some of the bigger brands, but we still want to give back. A lot of these charities rely solely on volunteers and donations to be able to run and function properly. Without people and companies like us offering support, they would struggle to help as many animals as they do”.

Recent donations aside, Pooch & Mutt give back on a regular basis. For every pack of their popular tube treat Feel Good Chicken sold, the company donates a meal to a rescue dog.

Click here to learn more about Feel Good Chicken


This summer’s donation has involved charities big and small, including The Staffordshire Rescue Scotland, Monty’s Rescue, Labrador Lifeline Trust, The Manchester Dogs Home, The Siberian Husky Welfare Association UK, Dogs On The Street London, and the Blue Cross.


Pooch & Mutt have also recently donated to Birmingham based charity The Animal House Rescue, to support them with fundraising efforts. They will also be supporting an event organised by St Ann’s Hospice in Manchester – who care for around 3,000 patients, families, and carers every year. October 8th will see their “Paws” sponsored dog walk and dog show take place at Heaton Park in Manchester, where Pooch & Mutt will be donating a selection of samples and raffle prizes for participants.