Give your dog something to chew on

Give Your Dog Something To Chew On

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Dogs love to chew, and it’s a great way to keep their teeth in good condition. (Permitting your pooch isn’t chomping their way through another pair of new shoes!)

When it’s household objects or personal items, it can seem destructive and inconvenient. But chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs and you can try to direct the chewing onto appropriate items instead.

Chewing helps to scrape tartar and plaque off the teeth and can also soothe the discomfort puppies experience when teething. Oral health aside – chewing is a great way to mentally stimulate your pooch. It keeps both their mind and body occupied, so can relieve boredom and help tackle destructive behaviour.

There’s plenty of safe and healthy ways to encourage chewing, and the right chews / toys will go a long way.

Puzzle toys are a great option, because they’re exciting for your dog. Kong has a range of long-lasting, multipurpose toys that can entertain a dog for hours – especially since you can fill your Kong with dog treats. Our Tube Treats fit perfectly inside a Kong; grab a pack in your dog’s favourite flavour and you’re all set. The biscuit’s abrasive action can also help to clean your dog’s teeth as they chew!

When it comes to dog chews, it can be hard to tell which options you can trust. Dentastix is a well known brand promoted as a chew to target oral hygiene, with a description stating, “treat time promotes oral health too!” But some of the chews ingredients are hard to digest. In the UK, pet food manufacturers are not required to list specific ingredients, resulting in a variety of confusing ingredients.

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Offering a natural alternative to  some of the larger corporations, Pooch & Mutt’s ‘junk-free’ chews contain straight forward ingredients. The chews are cold formed to preserve the natural flavours and nutrients from high quality ingredients. They are free-from: wheat, corn, soya, artificial colours and artificial flavours. Consisting of a single source protein, ingredients include whole peas, dehulled oats and whole linseed. Made in the UK, our junk-free chews are available in 3 flavours; Tasty Turkey, Perfect Pork and Duck Delight.

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