How do I encourage solid stools in my dog

How Do I Encourage Solid Stools In My Dog?

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A dog’s stool is a strong indicator of gastrointestinal health – a good working gut and digestive system should result in healthy, solid stools.

It’s common for dogs to experience diarrhoea because of prescription medication, allergies, or eating something they shouldn’t have. But it’s important to understand that there’s a difference between diarrhoea and soft stool: Soft stools are often the result of a poor quality, or inappropriate diet.

A dog needs a diet including digestible proteins and fibre to encourage overall health and normal bowel movements. It’s also important that they drink plenty of water. Among active ingredients tailored to target specific health problems, all our grain-free foods include 45% single sourced protein – either salmon, chicken, or turkey alongside sweet potato as digestion aiding fibre.

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Overall, the gut relies on ‘healthy’ bacteria to help digestion. If your dog has been experiencing problems with unhealthy bowel movements for a while, the gut can develop excessive amounts of ‘unhealthy’ bacteria.

Supplementing with good bacteria can help rectify this imbalance whilst improving digestion and firming up a soft stool.

Our Bionic Biotic supplement contains the only EU-approved probiotic for canine use. This promotes the optimum levels of ‘friendly bacteria’ in the gut, which allows the digestive system to work properly, helping a dog to retain more nutrients from their food and to excrete more toxins. Dogs don’t have the same bowel fauna as humans, so human probiotics are not thought to help. In worst case scenarios, the lactose contained in human probiotics may in fact cause diarrhoea. Bionic Biotic also contains Prebiotic FOS, which naturally increases the activity of ‘friendly bacteria’ in the gut and encourages the ratio of good to bad bacteria, ensuring that the digestive system works properly.

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Generally, solid stools indicate good health. If your dog’s stool has suddenly changed in consistency, with no external or diet changes, we recommend contacting your vet to address what could be causing the problem, as this could be the result of an underlying health concern.