“Thank you so much for making such healthy food for our doggies!”

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My husband and I adopted our Roskva, an Icelandic Sheepdog quite late. She was 8 when we got her, now 11. Even though we’ve bought her only the best and most expensive foods, she’d get allergies, throw up, get bloated, gain weight. We’ve been struggling to make her feel better for 3 years now. The vet said she’s normal and the food they recommended was good for her allergies, but caused her other problems such as weight gain or bad tummy.

Roskva is very aggitated and loud usually and terribly afraid of fireworks. She barks at everything: dogs, cats, birds, crippled old men, drunks, luggage and she will NOT tollerate deers. While we’re still doing our best to train her (she’s getting slightly better), we bought the calming dog treats which seemed very healthy, didn’t cause any weight gain and our doggy loved them. Normally she throws up dental sticks, so we decided to try the Pooch & Mutt chewing sticks and they were so easy to digest and healthy! She never threw up once, no bad reaction and she loved them more than anything we ever tried before. She would go to any extent to have them.

Now we’ve tried some of the dry dog food for the better digestion (Health & Digestion) and the supplements for joint and health mobility (we call that one “magic dust” because she will magically eat anything with it, she loves watching it sprinkled over her food) and not only did that solve her tummy problems, but she’s actually beginning to lose some weight after a healthy exercise and she seems happy and satisfied with her meals. We are now subscribed to a complete dog food and treats menu.

We would like to thank you and hope that we will always be able to order dog food from your website.

Kind regards,
Oana and Erik Rosenvold
– Denmark