All You Need to Know About Canine Chiropractic and Probiotic Treatment

All You Need to Know About Canine Chiropractic and Probiotic Treatment


As advances in human medicine become more prevalent and additional therapies are being sort; it is of no surprise that the world of veterinary medicine is following suit. For those animals suffering musculoskeletal disorders and dysfunction, the first regular Central London clinic in Canine Chiropractic has now opened its doors. Based in Elizabeth Street, the clinic is headed by Dr Marvin J.Firth BVSc (Hons.), MRCVS; an experienced veterinary surgeon, Internationally Approved in Veterinary Chiropractic (IVCA).

Chiropractic has been used for many years for human conditions, including back and joint pain and more usually conditions such as sciatica and migraine. Indications in veterinary medicine and particularly in dogs can include joint related disease, nerve involvement and dysfunction including conditions such as incontinence.


Canine Chiropractic Therapy

Breeds susceptible to developmental or hereditary conditions such as elbow and hip dysplasia in Labradors, or back strain or disc disease in Dachshunds can potentially benefit from chiropractic assessment and treatment; either alone or as part of a conventional medicine plan.

Examinations at the clinic include routine preventative checks of joints and their motion that are particularly useful in identifying areas where patients can be already compensating, but not necessarily showing outwardly noticeable signs to owners.

Dogs used for working or agility can be more predisposed to picking up issues in their joints and chiropractic aims to maintain normal joint mobility to prevent pathology from developing or advancing.

Dogs can expect to have their veterinary history (including x-rays and scans) reviewed prior to consultation and then have an examination at standstill and whilst moving from Dr Firth.

The Technique

A systematic approach to examining the joints of the limbs and spine/pelvis are performed, feeling for reduced motion (akin to having a rusty joint!) detected. These joints are often held in a reduced state due to the nerves and muscles surrounding them. Dogs then compensate by increasing motion in adjacent joints and as such can be at risk of using their body’s inappropriately; increasing the risk of injury or discomfort. Should these areas be detected, the next stage is to apply at adjustment to this joint.

These adjustments are within the normal range of motion of that joint, and are so specific, that only one joint should be targeted. This is key to the success of the chiropractic treatment. The adjustment is very fast and small in amplitude that many owners ask whether it has been done or that they didn’t hear a ‘crack’ of the back! Very rarely do ‘audibles’ (the crack we often have at the chiropractor!) occur in the veterinary patient.

How Will My Dog React to the Treatment?

Interestingly, dogs and horses appear to enjoy the procedure, often leaning into the practitioner and appearing relaxed and sleepy with the examination proceeding. Dr Firth often recommends that dogs are allowed to rest for the rest of the day and then return to their normal routine. Re-examinations are performed two weeks after the initial consultation to assess the dog’s response to the adjustments and how the technique may play a role in the dog’s future health or rehabilitation. The added benefit of the clinic in Elizabeth Street is that Dr Firth has the conventional medicine knowledge that means that he can incorporate and interpret your dog’s history and apply chiropractic where he thinks you will get maximum results.

Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements contain healthy bacteria that boost your dogs immune system to help fight infection as well as reduce inflammation due to arthritis.

Pooch & Mutt’s Mobile Bones, like Canine Chiropractic, is a natural and healthy alternative to more serious treatment that poses risk to your pet. Mobile Bones contains glucosamine, omega 3 & 6 and 14 other powerful ingredients to promote joint comfort, mobility and the development of strong bones. This unique supplement is ideal for elderly, working, competing & injured dogs.

Dr Marvin J.Firth is accepting referrals from owners and veterinary surgeons at the Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic every two weeks. From November 2015 dogs will also be able to have acupuncture performed as part of the chiropractic consultation. Further information can be obtained from