NEW Concentrate Packs

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The best dog supplements just got better/ cheaper.

After a year’s long, hard work and research Pooch & Mutt are now proud to announce the launch of out NEW concentrated products.

The new concentrates use the same active ingredients as the existing, successful products. By changing from pellets to powder/ granules we have been able to take out some of the inactive ingredients, making the products more concentrated and smaller.

Spondylosis in Dogs

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Spondylosis in Dogs Spondylosis in dogs can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for your dog. Generally affecting older dogs, canine Spondylosis can often go undetected until there is a physical problem visible in your dog. Knowing exactly what Spondylosis is can help you diagnose dog Spondylosis much quicker, meaning less pain for your precious pooch. […]

Arthritis in Dogs

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Dog Arthritis Just like humans, arthritis in dogs is a serious problem. However unlike humans, dogs can’t let us know what is wrong with them, so signs of dog arthritis can often be put down to tiredness or old age. Symptoms of Dogs Arthritis Keep your eye out for the following signs in your dog […]

Man’s Best Friend, confidant and healer

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Man’s Best Friend, confidant and healer A massive 99% of pet owners describe their dog as a friend and 100% regularly talk to them, according to new research published by dog health supplement company, Pooch and Mutt¹.   97% of dog owners also say that they think their canine friend helps to keep them healthy, with […]