Male dogs

Just adding a simple supplement to your dog’s food can help your dog’s fertility and improve the likelihood of conception.

Mobile Bones was created to be a mobility supplement, however the ingredients that it contains are can prove very useful to those with stud dogs. These ingredients include:

ZINC: Known to aid potency and repair damage done to sperm cells from environmental toxins. It is beneficial to testosterone metabolism, sperm motility and sperm formation.

COPPER: Shown to have direct links to both semen quality and libido.

SELENIUM: A trace antioxidant mineral essential for normal sexual development. It helps to create the correct environment for sperm function and protection and is essential in the production of testosterone.

VITAMINS C, D & E: Antioxidant vitamins thought to protect sperm from damage caused by free radicals.

OMEGA 3&6: Essential for reproduction. They can both decrease sperm abnormality and increase sperm membrane integrity. A healthy sperm mebrane dramatically increases the capacity of a sperm to fertilise an egg. They are known to beneficially affect sperm quantity and quality.

COOKED LINSEED: A natural source of Alpha Linolic Acid (ALA) required for the formation of specific prostoglandlinols

YUCCA: For increased libido.

Feeding instructions: just add to your dog’s regular food for 3 weeks before mating


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