Does your dog get stiff joints in winter?

dog stiff joints in winter

As the weather gets colder, just like humans, dog’s joints can get stiffer and they can become less mobile. This can lead to a loss in fitness, health and overall happiness.

If you have a dog with stiff joints it is worth looking at supplementing their diet with a joint supplement. There are many joint supplements about. Here are some ingredients to look for:

Glucosamine and MSM
These are the most common ingredients in joint supplements. When you are looking it is best to get a joint supplement with glucosamine HCL (not sulphate) and organic MSM as these are better absorbed by the dog. Mobile Bones contains both organic MSM and glucosamine HCL.

Omega fatty acids
Omega fatty acids have been used for a long time to promote healthy joints. Research at The University of Maryland showed that omega fatty acids block the production of enzymes responsible for joint degradation. Mobile Bones contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in their optimal ratio, sourced from linseed and evening primrose.

Bone supplement
Most dogs who need a joint supplement would also benefit from a bone supplement to keep their bones strong and dense. This helps to stop bones being worn down, which can be common in the hip and elbow joints of certain breeds. As with people, dogs bones get weaker as they get older, so it can be beneficial to feed a bone supplement to keep them mobile. Mobile Bones contains calcium, phosphorous and silicon, which are the key nutrients necessary to keep bones strong

Antioxidant vitamins
Vitamins C and E are both antioxidant vitamins, meaning that they help ‘mop-up’ potential damage-causing free radicals. Vitamin C also aids the formation of collagen – a key joint protein.

And more…
There are many other additional ingredients worth looking out for:
Yucca, which Native Americans have fed to horses for centuries to keep their joints healthy.
B-vitamins, which help protein to turnover bone collagen, cartilage protein, tissue elastin and muscle.

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