Tetra Pak food for Dogs

Ditch the can. Help the planet.

The can is over 200 years old…

Invented in 1810. That’s 6 years before the first camera, 30 years before the postage stamp, 79 years before the light bulb, 103 years before the bra and 128 years before the ballpoint pen. It was great technology 200 years ago, but times have changed. 

At Pooch & Mutt we care about the environment and we know that you do too. We think that it’s time to Ditch The Can and Help the Planet.

Fully recyclable
80% Lower global warming potential Vs a can
Lower packaging weight (more efficient for both retailers and customers to transport)
Lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions Vs a can
Reduced number of lorries on the road, and associated emissions 
31-44% less shelf space taken up both in store and in the home
Made from sustainably-sourced, renewable material

To find out more about Tetra Pack recycling in your local area visit http://www.tetrapakrecycling.co.uk/locator.asp