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Bionic Biotic: Natural Itch Remedy for Dogs

probiotic for dogs

  • Stops itching & scracthing
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Add to any food
  • Vet recommended
  • Treats the problem from the inside, not just the symptoms on the outside

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Key Ingredients:

Omega Oils.

Bionic Biotic contains a balanced ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils, key omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are essential for your dog’s skin health. They cannot make them in their bodies so they have to get them from an external source, such as food or supplements. Many studies have shown that Omega oils offer dramatic benefits to dogs’ skin, in fact many anti-itch supplements for dog’s skin are simply just Omega oils. Combining the Omega oils with the rest of the active ingredients in Bionic Biotic ensures better results.


Bionic Biotic contains a canine-specific probiotic. Often dog skin problems, such as itching, are caused by dogs not being able to properly digest ingredients in their food properly, the probiotic aids your dog’s digestion so that they can digest these ingredients properly. It also enables your dog to get more out of it’s food, meaning that they get more of the nutrients necessary to produce healthy skin.

jack russel with itchy skin

Click on the pic to see how Bionic Biotic helped the patches on Paddy's back


A clinical study on 119 dogs with symptoms such as dull coat, brittle hair, loss of hair, scaly skin, pruritus or dermatitis showed that 60% of the cases were cured within 5 weeks by adding biotin to the dog’s diet, a further 31% noted an improvement and only 9% recorded no effect. Biotin is included in Bionic Biotic to help with all skin problems including itching, scratching, bad coat condition, hair loss etc.

Soya Oil, Organic Zinc, Methionine.

These are just some of the active ingredients that are included inBionic Biotic. Soya oil aids a dog’s skin and coat quality. Zinc is often fed to dogs with excessive hair loss and itchy skin, as zinc deficiencies are known to be a key cause of dog hair loss. The zinc in Bionic Biotic is organic for improved absorption and works in conjunction with the omega oils. Methionine not only helps with the production of healthy skin and coat, it also helps to control histamine release. If your dog’s skin problems are due to an allergy, then controlling the histamine release effectively reduces their allergic reaction, reducing your dog’s hair loss.

Vitamins & Minerals.

Bionic Biotic includes a full vitamin and mineral supplement so that your dog gets the full amount of vitamins and minerals that they need to produce healthy skin and to ensuring overall health and wellbeing.


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