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Fresh Breath

Complete grain-free dog food to
help your dog have fresh breath

Fresh, British, free-run chicken. Complete food for adult
dogs with parsley, peppermint, probiotics, prebiotics and
citrus extract to help your dog have fresh breath.

move easy

Move Easy

Grain-free dog food for dogs who have
mobility issues or who are highly active

Omega-3 rich, Scottish salmon complete food for adult dogs with
green lipped mussel, glucosamine, chondroitin, omega oils,
rosehip and yucca to help your dog's ease of movement.

calm and relaxed colour

Calm & Relaxed

Complete, grain-free food for
excitable adult dogs

Fresh, lean turkey & sweet potato. Complete food for
excitable adult dogs with chamomile, L-Tryptophan,
B-vitamins, probiotics and to help keep your dog calm
& relaxed.

digestion colour

Digestion & Wind

Grain-free food for dogs with sensitive
digestion and/or wind

Easily digestible, Scottish salmon. Grain-free food for adult
dogs who have sensitive digestion with parsley, probiotics,
prebiotics and psyllium to help your dog's digestion.

slim and slender colour

Slim & Slender

Grain-free dog food to help control
your dog's weight

Fresh, British, free-run chicken & sweet potato, low-fat
complete food for overweight adult dogs with CLA,
L-Carnitine, Psyllium and joint support to promote a slim
& slender body composition

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Condition Appropriate
Dog Food

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Natural, Ethical Dog Treats.
Hand-baked mini-bones
that dogs love!

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Range of Supplements
including best-sellers
'Bionic Biotic' & 'Mobile Bones'

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