Bionic Biotic: Supplement for digestion, skin, coat and condition

bionic biotic



– Solid Stools
– Healthy Skin (with no itching & redness)
– A Glossy Coat
– Optimum Weight
– Digestion
– Immunity


See the difference within 3 weeks or your money back


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Frequently asked questions

Is it suitable for all dogs?


Can you feed it to dogs with…

  • Diarrhoea/ soft stools? – YES
  • Digestive problems? – YES
  • Weight problems? – YES
  • Skin irritation? – YES
  • Skin problems? – YES
  • Coat problems? – YES
  • Lack of Fur/ hair? – YES
  • Immune difficiences? – YES
  • Pancreatis? – YES
  • Collitis? – YES
  • Stomach ulcers? – YES

Can I feed Bionic Biotic with other Pooch & Mutt products?

Yes, all of the Pooch & Mutt products can be fed together, in any combination.

Can I feed Bionic Biotic to a pregnant/ lactating bitch?

Yes. Not only will this help with the bitch’s condition, it will also help with lactation and the nutrient density of the milk – meaning that the puppies will benefit too.

Can I feed Bionic Biotic to puppies?

Yes. You can feed Bionic Biotic to puppies as soon as they are on solid food. As the amount that you feed depends on the dog’s weight a puppy will get less than an adult dog.

What is a Probiotic?

A probiotic promotes the optimum levels of ‘friendly bacteria’ in the gut, which allows the digestive system to work properly. A probiotic is the reason that humans have natural yoghurt and products like Yackult.

How long before I notice a difference?

We would expect you to notice a difference within 3 weeks, but every dog is different and it depends on the condition that you are hoping that the product will help with. If the condition is a visual one we recommend that you take a photo before your dog has the product and another one after about 5-6 weeks.

When will the delivery arrive?

(to UK Addresses) It should be with you in 3 days, but may be sooner.

Do they like it/ will they eat it?

YES. It is formulated with a natural palletant so they love the taste. In the occasional situation where a dog hasn’t liked the taste our customers tell us that they have done things like mixing it with tinned tuna or rolling it in ham. If they do not eat it then you can claim your money back in our guarantee.

Do you deliver outside the UK?

Yes. You can order online to Germany, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Spain Sweden, Switzerland and a selection of other destinations from the UK and all around the USA from our distribution centre in Chicago. If you do not see your country at checkout please email

Do they have to be kept on it for the rest of their lives?

Each situation is different. It is perfectly safe (and recommended) to be fed every day. If you do wish to reduce the amount fed we suggest that you do this gradually and closely monitor what effects it has.

What is the calorie content?

The calorie content of Bionic Biotic concentrate is approximately 322 kcal/100g = 9.66kcal/tsp

Can you order by post?

You can order by post in the UK and EU Click here to download the postal order form


If you have any questions not covered above please email them to