Mobile Bones: Joint and Bone supplement for dogs

joint supplement for dogsJOINT & BONE SUPPLEMENT FOR DOGS

– Promotes joint comfort & mobility
– Aids development of strong bones
– Glucosamine + 15 powerful ingredients
– Save on medication/ prescription foods
– No side effects
– Ideal for elderly, working, competing & injured dogs



See the difference within 3 weeks or your money back



dog supplement feeding amounts

Frequently asked questions

Is it suitable for all dogs?


Can you feed it to dogs with…

  • Arthritis? – YES
  • Hip dysplasia? – YES
  • Elbow dysplasia? – YES
  • injuries (or recovering from injuries) ? – YES
  • Growing pains? – YES
  • Stiffness (from an unknown cause)? – YES
  • Cartilage problems? – YES
  • Cruciate problems? – YES
  • Joint problems? – YES
  • Lameness? – YES

How long before I notice a difference?

We would expect you to notice a difference within 3 weeks, but every dog is different. Some customers have reported seeing a difference within just a few days, others have not seen a difference until 5-6 weeks.

Is it suitable for working/ competition dogs?

Very much so. Working and competition dogs experience more wear and tear on their joints. Mobile Bones is the ideal way to both ensure healthy joints and to keep the dogs going after setbacks.

Can I feed it with other Pooch & Mutt products?

Yes. All Pooch & Mutt products can be fed together in any combination.

When will the delivery arrive?

(to UK Addresses) It should be with you in 3 days, but may be sooner.

Do they like it/ will they eat it?

YES. It is formulated with a natural palletant so they love the taste. A few customers who’s dogs have not liked the taste have said that they have mixed it with tinned tuna or rolled in ham. If they do not eat it you can claim your money back in our guarantee.

Do you deliver outside the UK?

Yes. You can order online to Germany, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Spain Sweden & Switzerland and elsewhere from our UK distribution. All USA deliveries are sent from our US distribution centre in Chicago . For any other destination please email

Do they have to be kept on it for the rest of their lives?

Each situation is different. It is perfectly safe (and recommended) to be fed every day. If you do wish to reduce the amount fed we suggest that you do this gradually and closely monitor what effects it has.

What is the calorie content?

The calorie content of Mobile Bones concentrate is approximately 296 kcal/100g = 8.88kcal/tsp

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