Slimming Tonic: Weight management aid for dogs

weight loss supplement for dogs

Triple Action:

- Burns fat
- Reduces appetite
- Aids muscle development




Triple Action Weight Control.

1) Fat burning: Slimmin’ Tonic includes a range of active ingredients that are essential in the process of metabolising (burning) fat. These ingredients ensure that when your dog requires energy their body can get that energy requirement by burning fat. These ingredients are combined with others known to reduce the size of fat cells and ingredients known to increase the metabolic rate (so that more fat is burned). This means that your dog will be able to get more energy both from their food and their stored fat, enabling them to exercise more, even on a restricted diet.

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2) Appetite reduction: Natural fibres in Slimmin’ Tonic absorb water in the dog’s stomach. These then expand a huge amount, making the dog feel fuller, thereby increasing the feeling of fullness and reducing appetite. A reduction in appetite means that your dog will eat less, giving your dog less calories. Your dog will therefore have to burn their body fat in order to obtain their energy requirement. The appetite suppressants in Slimmin’ Tonic allow you to reduce your dog’s food intake without them feeling starved.

3) Muscle building: Adding muscle to your dog has two major benefits. Firstly, by building muscle your dog will be able to exercise more and therefore burn more calories and fat. Secondly, the more muscle that your dog has, the higher the energy requirement to make the muscle function. This means that with more muscle your dog will burn more fat/ calories.

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Slimmin’ Tonic is not a ‘magic bullet’ for weight loss. It needs to be fed in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime. What Slimmin’ Tonic will do is make sure that your dog correctly burns the fat from the food that they do eat and develop muscle to help them exercise more.


BETA product

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